Generally, e-mail communication over the Internet cannot be assumed to be secure. Forgot your User Name? As a Mashreqbank customer, we let you select your preferred channel of communication for marketing updates sent to you on a periodic basis. This website/application uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience and by clicking “I Accept” below, you consent to the use of cookies. Mashreq Bank and the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) have signed a cooperation agreement to strengthen support for SMEs and start-ups in … The transaction information includes your account number, date, amount, location of the transaction and any other pertinent information. Business Banking working capital customers and those directly affected by COVID-19 should contact their Relationship Manager to work out individual solutions For Business Banking & NEOBiz customers holding a Basic banking account, the minimum balance requirement will be reduced to AED 10,000 and Fall Below Fee will not be levied for the next three months. The massive upheaval to the economy caused by Covid-19 has no doubt negatively impacted SMEs, disrupting business continuity and causing financial instability. If you have opted for marketing via SMS banking, as part of our Customer Contact Rule we shall restrict the time for dispatch of messages between 8 am to 7 pm. Our Digital Banking and Online Banking platforms focus on providing you the access you need, when and where you need it. Building your digital banking innovation experience with … Both on your website and other media. Digital banks offer seamless, convenient, secure and cost-effective banking services, especially when compared to traditional branch banking. The opt out does not affect this. Despite making up the majority of businesses across the country, most SME owners, as well as startup founders, will tell you that the process can be immensely challenging and time-consuming. Mashreqbank collects only relevant information about you that is needed to establish and maintain your account and services as the law allows or requires us to collect. The best part about this offering is that it brings third-party products such as accounting software, mobile point of sale and payment gateways as optional add-ons, at special preferential prices for our customers. Your closest Mashreq branch is your Terms of Use Our affiliates maintain the same privacy standards as the Bank. To retrieve your user name, please tap below Retrieve your User Name You can manage them any time by clicking on the notification icon. MashreqNeo is the smartphone banking application which offers wide variety of digital banking services in Dubai, UAE. It offers 24X 7 access through online and mobile banking in addition to call centres, interactive teller machines and even a virtual relationship manager. This data is used to engage with the customer post acquisition and also help them as they transact thereby making the customer experience seamless and personalised. This includes but is not limited to information such as name, postal and e-mail address, phone numbers, employment and financial status, and credit history. Rohit Garg, Executive Vice-President and Head of NeoBiz, Mashreq Bank, speaks to GN Focus about the various measures the bank has taken to help SMEs during the outbreak of Covid-19. Will Damac follow the privatisation route? For example, digital banks can offer customers personalised products and services based on their behaviour, or suggesting options used by customers in a similar line of business. Please visit our FAQs page Other queries? While the overall outlook remains uncertain, we see positive signs as the world reopens and business activity begins to improve. We also extended support to our NEOBiz customers by waiving the monthly fee for account holders. Mashreq’s NeoBiz account holders get six months of free subscription of Zoho Books. MEN: NeoBiz, the full-service digital bank offering from Mashreq Bank that is designed exclusively for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), start-ups and young entrepreneurs in the UAE, recently signed a strategic agreement with Lexyom, a digital Law firm providing a … However, we do use cookies with customers who sign on to our online banking services, to make access more pleasant and convenient. NeoBiz is initially aimed at the startups and the small businesses. Features Mashreq NeoBiz provides 3 different digital banking business accounts - Basic, Trader Pro, and Advance Business with an annual turnover up to AED 30 Million are eligible to get Mashreq NeoBiz account